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Tianyis operation complies with ISO9001 instruction and requirements, uses documented quality system to control every process of design, production and quality check efficiently. We have established separate QA departments which are independent of production/design departments, set standard QA/QC procedures for each step of raw-material purchasing, production, assembly, packing and shipment then ensure customer get the best products and service. Quality begins with competent and motivated employees, bringing commitment and know-how to the company.

Tianyi and its employees is committed to quality management system that makes quality a basic business principle. This will be accomplished by ensuring quality management principles are effectively used, monitored and reviewed throughout all work completed by Tianyi. This strategy is based on customer satisfaction, achieved by meeting our own and our customers requirements on time, every time. We are equipped with full range of measuring and test instrument. Quality is our life and will never be compromised. We also promise continuous quality improvement with involvements of every one. Quality and reliability are designed and built into every mold we produce at Tianyi.

MainQC procedure:

--Document and data check

--Design optimized control

--Steel hardness inspection

--Electrodes inspection

--processing craft inspection

--Core and cavity steel dimension inspection

--Pre-assembly inspection

--standard part inspection

--fabrication inspection

--Trial report and sample inspectiom

--Pre-shipment final inspection

--Mold package inspection